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Youssouf Errami

Youssouf Errami - Brigadier

I am a chocolatier by profession and joined Godiva in 2000. I started to work in the kitchen preparing chocolate interiors such as ganaches and truffle creams. After having worked at various lines in our production facility I became a line leader. Now I manage a team of 30 operators. Our main mission every day is to deliver a chocolate that is perfect. A chocolate that is visually attractive, tastes delicious, meets all the quality norms and delights our clients.
If you consider that it took farmers months to grow these chocolate beans, that they were carefully harvested and transformed into chocolate, then you realise that chocolate deserves to be treated with respect. In my free time, I like to wander around the Grand’ Place area where you can find lots of chocolatiers showing their art. I admire their work, techniques and creativeness.
I have grown in my various roles at different places in the factory. I understand the challenges of every production stage and enjoy being able to propose improvements. It is exciting to see how Godiva is growing and to be part of the journey that we have undertaken.

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