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Mireille Misseghers

Mireille Misseghers - Franchiser, Brussels

I operate several stores in Brussels, and since November 2008 I run a Godiva franchise at a top location near the Mannekin Pis. We have our regular customers there, but also a lot of tourists. Because many Chinese people visit Brussels I’ve taken on some Chinese sales assistants. That’s one of my results-driven initiatives to be extra successful. The Godiva brand reputation and exceptional product quality are reflected in the sales figures. But the respect and support we get from the company is very important too. We get lots of advice about the product and how to market it. Godiva also carries out regular analyses of our sales figures, and from this we learn how to sell more with the same people and the same products. Naturally I only buy from Godiva, and I maintain the full margin. Previously I worked with another brand and the difference with Godiva is really noticeable, both in the franchise concept and in the result.

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